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We are elated to introduce the latest and far the greatest digital Hyaluron pen you will find in the beauty industry. 

Delivering fast accurate and precise product in 1 shot this is the newest and far the best pen you will ever need,  compared to other pens.

All therapists looking to increase there clientele and profit cannot afford to miss out on this fantastic opportunity with this new device, giving excellent results.

Training is advisable.

As from the beginning of 2017, it has been growing globally, with many other such beauty trends the first actual scientifically sufficient experiments with Hyaluron Pen took place in 2016/2017 after that it became apparent that the basic concept of launching Hyaluron acid mixture into the face, neck or lips with the pressure pen works. After that, it had a breakthrough in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and also to some extent in Russia, and has reached the UK, USA.



It is a multiple shot, spring powered needle-free injector for Medical & Aesthetic purposes. 

"A needleless Injector for your medical & aesthetic need"

QMed has designed a new needle-free injection technology that is safe, highly-effective and more comfortable for patients.

  • No needle → No needlestick injuries and No needle reuse → Less chance of contamination

  • Accurate and consistent injection

  • Reduce sharp disposable

  • Better pain reduction

  • Improved bioavailability

  • Faster Absorption

  • Unique Dosage scale Window for precision injection dose

Makrolon® Rx1805, a medical-grade polycarbonate for the medicine ampules.

Makrolon® medical-grade polycarbonates have excellent properties of durability, processability, safety and design flexibility, which meet the stringent requirements of a wide variety of medical products.



Hyaluron Pen is a rather simplistic device that allows enough pressure to launch non-permanent Hyaluronic Acid filler into human skin,  It is just a device for transferring the filler  which is vital when it comes to the ageing process.
The filler used will smooth out wrinkles and plump lips producing a more youthful appearance this can last up to  6 months or longer.

Dimensions.  D2.5cm  L15cm

Weight.  100g

Injection Accuracy.  0.01ml

Injection Dosage Range.  0.04ml  0.35ml

Injection Depth.  6mm  8mm

Power Source.   Stainless Steel Compression Spring.

Spring Life.  10,000 Times

Injection Type.  Subcutaneous Injection


Application Fields. Insulin,Growth Hormone, Anaesthetics, Cosmetic Products, Skin Disease Medicine, Vaccination.


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