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Our fast & long-lasting active ingredients work together to penetrate deep into the skin layers for an effective numbing sensation. Other numbing creams use the wrong amount of lidocaine or even the wrong actives such as prilocaine. We use only pure, safe, and high quality ingredients for painful procedures such as tattoos. Triple-Strength formula: lidocaine, prilocaine, & tetracaine.


Our numbing ointment prevents pain but DOES NOT interfere with pigments or META therapy . When applied correctly, you’ll experience a painless procedures and a happy therapist. It benefits the artist by providing a steady canvas. Customers will be able to sit longer and allow therapists to do more work in single sessions!


How is our product different? Our product numbs in 3 stages! A fast-onset with prilocaine starting in only 15 minutes, lidocaine kicks in for a strong mid-range effect, and finally a long-lasting sensation with tetracaine. Max strength numbing formulated in an ointment

A topical anesthetic made for a variety of painful procedures. You'll be glad you chose a product that penetrates deeply and capable of a realistic long lasting numbing sensation. Minimize the pain. Easy to use and easy to apply. Enjoy a pain free experience!


Tips & Safety Warnings:  

Facial procedures leave on only 20-30 min.  Eyelids only need 15 min.

DO NOT use if pregnant or nursing.

DO NOT apply all over body or extensive skin coverage such as both full legs at the same time for example.

DO NOT swallow or ingest.

Numbing cream is for external-use only!


50g tub

15% Lidocaine, 2% Prilocaine, 2% Tetracaine




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